April 21, 2013

ZMesh Under Hardwood Flooring

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Warmquest 12” ZMesh Heating Element is the ideal system for heating under hardwood floors. ZMesh can be installed directly under the hardwood flooring. Nails or staples to hold the hardwood covering may be driven directly through the ZMesh as long as the nails or staples do not come in contact with any other metal object.

Allow the Hardwood to acclimate to the humidity level by bringing in the Hardwood several weeks before installation. This will minimize dimensional changes due to moisture. Install the ZMeah Heating Element to the subfloor and run a continuous continuity check to make sure the Zmesh is not damaged or shorting to something conductive. Let the System run for 2 to 3 days before nailing or stapling the Hardwood to the subfloor. It is very important to check with the manufacturer of the Hardwood before installing.

Flooring installed over Radiant Heat should never have a surface temperature exceeding 85 degrees. The surface temperature of the floor is controlled by the M321RS Programmable Thermostat with a floor sensor – 7 Day – (4) programmable period per day. The thermostat has a maximum temperature setting of 90 degrees. The system only will come on when the temperature falls 2 degrees below the temperature you set it at. If you set you’re Programmable Thermostat at 72 degrees and the temperature falls to 70 degrees the system will come on until the temperature reaches 72 degrees. The Heatizon System does not run 24 hours – 7 days a week. Ask you your Hardwood Supplier about heat from sunlight affecting the Hardwood. The temperature from sunlight could reach temperatures above 85 degrees.

The 12” ZMesh is listed to UL Standards and carries the CSA and ETL label. We have a 25 year warranty, and have been warming floor since 1979. Our highly experienced technical support teams are the best in the business. Call today for a free consultation (1-877-877-4724) or visit our website at www.heatizon.com.

November 26, 2012

Radiant heating system is all about comfort, warmth

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As Seen in – Deseret Morning News
By: James Carpenter

               Steve Love, a Salt Lake resident, is the owner of Hidden springs Ranch, a multi million dollar adventure resort located high in the hills east of Nephi in central Utah. His lodge was built from the ground up, using the finest materials available, including wood floors, tile and beautiful stone areas.
              To bring comfort to the floors, Love installed an in-floor radiant heating system. “I wanted a heating system that would provide my guests with the most comfortable available, but that wasn’t too complex and didn’t require a lot of maintenance,” Love says.
             Hidden Springs Ranch heats its 7,500 square feet of flooring with a state-of-the-art, low voltage heating system manufactured locally by Heatizon Systems, LLC. Heatizon uses what it calls “ZMesh,” a bronze wire mesh used to conduct low voltage electricity throughout the floors.
            According to Mike Bench, the manager of the local Heatizon installation team, “The ZMesh is flat, almost like a screen door material, and is so simple that it can be stapled down to a wood sub floor or glued to a concrete slab. “Nearly every type of floor covering available can be placed on top of it, including tile, hardwood, carpet and slate. This makes the system easy to retrofit into existing homes and ideal for finishing a cold basement.” The flexibility and simplicity of Heatizon system, he continues, are not the only benefits.
            “The system’s solid state design with no moving parts means that maintenance is minimal. Many of the systems that have been installed in the last twenty years have never even needed a service call,” Bench says.
The low voltage aspect also makes the system 100 percent efficient. The low voltage also makes it one of the safest systems available on the market, conforming to UL standards.
           After a fun day of snowmobiling and snowshoeing, our guests tell us they absolutely love walking around in their stocking feet, just to feel the warmth,” Love says. “In the mornings, when they get out of bed or the shower, they tell us it’s so nice when their bare feet meet warm, comfortable floors instead of a cold surface.” Heatizon Systems manufactures a complete line of quality low voltage products for roof deicing, snow melt in driveways and sidewalks, and its newest system, the “Floorizwarm” for smaller areas.
            The most visible of these products is the Tuff Cable system that is used to heat driveways in new pour or retrofit applications in asphalt, concrete and pavers. “This system eliminates the need for salting and shoveling during the winter, as well as reduces risk of accidents that often occur during the colder months,” says Paul Hilbig of Heatizon RHS out of Provo. “This is the same system used on UTA’s TRAX access ramps, the Old Town Transit Center in Park City, the new LDS Conference Center at Temple Square, as well as residential applications.

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