Installing Hott-Wire in New Pour Asphalt

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heated asphalt driveway

Project located in Saint John, New Brunswick

One of the many selling points of Heatizon’s Hott-Wire MI cable is that it can be installed in hot asphalt with minimal accommodations. This durable cable is capable of withstanding the heat as well as pressure from the tools and equipment used. Continue reading

Heating Things Up For 20 Years

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DSC_0066Heatizon, pronounced “Heat Is On” began manufacturing its unique line of low voltage radiant heating products nearly 20 years ago in 1996. In the years since then we have added a whole range of products for snow melting, floor and space heating, and roof deicing. From our industrial grade GutterMelt Self-Regulating cable to our DIY Heatwave floor warming mats, Heatizon has a system for any radiant heating project. Continue reading

Mineral Insulated Cable: A History

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Heatizon’s Hott-Wire MI cable traces its origins back to 1896 when the first patent for Mineral Insulated Cable was issued. The cable was used on ships and other projects in the years leading up to World War Two when it was used in military equipment. MI cable is very durable and used frequently in powering and controlling critical equipment including nuclear reactors, fire alarms, and emergency systems. The 1930s saw the use of MI cable in Heat Tracing with cable designed specifically for this use entering production in the 1950s. Continue reading