The WHY of ICE DAMS… ice dam prevention

Icicles can be cool to look at and even slightly therapeutic to break off your gutters/eaves.  But do you know they are causing damage to your home? Icicles and accompanying ice dams could be causing thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Heatizon has created this infographic to explain “The WHY of Ice Dams.” ice dam prevention

Don’t suffer from ice dams anymore!

Check out Heatizon’s Ice Dam solutions.

In 1996 Heatizon Systems was Founded – But What Else Happened?

20-yearsHeatizon was founded in 1996 and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. As we reflect on the experiences we have had over the past 2 decades, we thought we’d look back at 1996 and see what other events shared our anniversary.

Do you remember any of these?

In The News

  • The Unabomber arrested
  • Dolly the sheep is the first mammal successfully cloned
  • OJ Simpson Trial begins
  • Bill Clinton reelected President of the United States defeating Bob Dole
  • Musician Tupac Shakur shot


  • Apparel company Under Armour founded
  • Networking company Netgear founded
  • Medical information website WebMD launched
  • Steve Jobs returns to Apple, which he helped found years prior


  • The first season of Major League Soccer (MLS) held
  • Summer Olympics held in Atlanta, GA
  • Dallas Cowboys win Superbowl XXX


  • Cable news channels Al Jazeera and Fox News Channel launched
  • Disney acquired ABC


  • Mission: Impossible and Independence Day released
  • Braveheart wins Best Picture at Academy Awards

A lot more happened in 1996 and much has happened since then, we at Heatizon are grateful for the successes we’ve seen in the last 20 years and look forward to many more!

Distributor Spotlight – Comfort Radiant Heating

Our next distributor spotlight is here! We spent some time with Russell Hacker from Comfort Radiant Heating to talk about Heatizon Products in the Northeast.


A Heatizon distributor since 2005, Comfort Radiant is headquartered in Clifton Park, NY. For over a decade Comfort Radiant Heating has sold, designed and installed radiant heating systems throughout the Northeast. While Russell primarily serves New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, Comfort Radiant supplies materials to contractors and homeowners throughout the United States.

“A Full Service Radiant Supplier”

Tuff Cable under Marble

Tuff Cable under Marble

“We are a full service radiant supplier. From original design and layout through installation of floor warming and primary heating systems, surface snow melting and roof deicing systems” says Russell. In addition to the design and install work Comfort Radiant directly performs, they also offer onsite consulting and installation training for contractors working with Heatizon products. Russell also adds “We assist architects in the designing of custom projects to guide them through a project where they may be unfamiliar with the system’s functionality…”

Comfort Radiant has worked on many notable projects over the years. Russell highlighted a few of his favorites for us:

  • ZMesh roof deicing under membrane on the East Greenwich Middle School in Rhode Island

  • Custom designed, hand laid river rock over a Floorizwarm system

  • Tuff Cable floor warming under a marble foyer

  • A Tuff Cable retrofit heated driveway recognized by as “one of the coolest driveways in the U.S.”

Unique and Reliable Products

ZMesh roof deicing under membrane

ZMesh roof deicing under membrane

“Heatizon’s unique low voltage products are unsurpassed in the industry.” Russell says, as he explains that the flexibility of ZMesh and Tuff Cable often make them not only the best option for his clients, but in many cases the only option for unique and challenging applications.

Russell continued “Heatizon follows this up with excellent technical support. If we have a question, they are there to answer it.”

Our distributors are key to our success. Their knowledge and expertise allows customers to have the best experience possible working with our range of electrical radiant heating products. We are grateful for our longstanding relationship with Russell and Comfort Radiant and look forward to seeing what they tackle next.