Heating Linoleum Floors

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heated linoleumLinoleum has long been a popular flooring choice for its cost and durability. Linoleum and variants like Marmoleum have seen a resurgence lately due to their natural composition and environmentally friendly qualities.

Radiant heat pairs with linoleum products for added comfort. Heatizon offers a number of products suitable for heating linoleum, but our ZMesh does it best.


A bronze mesh that is rolled out beneath a variety of floor coverings, low voltage ZMesh provides a comfortable, even heat. This unique product from Heatizon is a great solution for heating under linoleum and similar floors, as well as wood, carpet and floating floor systems.

Glue Down Sheets or Tiles

Linoleum is commonly installed as sheets that are glued down. For heating these sheets, ZMesh is laid out and either stapled to the wood subfloor or glued down to a concrete subfloor with a tile mastic. Care is taken to keep the mesh flat for minimum floor buildup.

A thin sheet of plywood or lauan is placed over the mesh, and the linoleum is glued down. This same process works for glue down linoleum tiles.

Floating or Click Systems

Linoleum is also becoming more common in click install or floating systems. ZMesh is perfect for floating floors as it is installed over the subfloor and covered with an underlayment. The floating floor system can then be installed directly over the mesh and underlayment.

Radiant Heat and Wood Floors

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ZMesh under Wood Floor

Wood floor being laid over ZMesh heating system.

Previously, we discussed the question of “what type of flooring can be installed over radiant heat?”

This question often involves some variety of wood flooring. While it is true that wood flooring may not tolerate temperature fluctuations the same way marble or slate does, it does not mean you cannot heat wood floors. Radiant heat or not, wood flooring is meant to be acclimated before installation. When this is done, and all manufacturer instructions and guidelines are followed, wood floors can certainly be heated.

Electric radiant heat is ideal for wood floors because it offers a greater level of control than hydronic systems. Thermostats and sensors send electrical signals to your control units, resulting in immediate action by the heating element.

Heatizon’s ZMesh product is perfect for heating wood floors. It easily rolls out and can be nailed or stapled through when the floor is laid over the top. ZMesh provides a precise and even heat that takes the luxury of wood floors to a new level.

For more information on heating wood and other floor coverings, check out the information provided here.