Mineral Insulated Cable: A History

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Heatizon’s Hott-Wire MI cable traces its origins back to 1896 when the first patent for Mineral Insulated Cable was issued. The cable was used on ships and other projects in the years leading up to World War Two when it was used in military equipment. MI cable is very durable and used frequently in powering and controlling critical equipment including nuclear reactors, fire alarms, and emergency systems. The 1930s saw the use of MI cable in Heat Tracing with cable designed specifically for this use entering production in the 1950s. Continue reading

ZMesh: 9″ or 12″?

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ZMesh is used for floor warming and roof deicing

Our ZMesh product is a unique bronze mesh which can be used for floor warming, space heating, and roof deicing. Its unique construction allows it to be installed beneath non-conductive roof coverings like asphalt shingles, providing deicing without compromising the look of your roof. ZMesh is also perfect for floor installation beneath hardwood, carpet, and other flooring materials as it can be nailed or stapled through. Continue reading

Tips for Installing Fixed Length Systems

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When installing radiant heat for snow melting or floor warming, one factor that significantly impacts the process is whether the cable is fixed length or cut to fit in the field. Many of our products consist of a heating element and a cold lead. This cold lead does not heat up, and is used to connect the heating element to power. In our fixed length cables these cold leads come pre-attached from the factory and the heating element cannot be cut or adjusted; the cold leads can be cut to fit the circumstances. Continue reading