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Icicles can be cool to look at and even slightly therapeutic to break off your gutters/eaves.  But do you know they are causing damage to your home? Icicles and accompanying ice dams could be causing thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Heatizon has created this infographic to explain “The WHY of Ice Dams.” […]

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In Construction, Many Things Are Not As They First Appear!

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by Steven Bench     One contractor recently received four different proposals, each with different materials and costs, for the same project.  “How can this be?” he asked.  I listened as he continued to grumble:  “I do not understand, my instructions were very clear and the requirements for the project were well documented in the […]

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Roof Snow Melt and De-icing Systems

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by Steven Bench “Good grief, the last thing I thought I would need to worry about is a leaky roof!” Said the owner of a newly constructed Class A office building. “Why does my 2 year old metal roof have ice dam problems?” asked a homeowner that recently replaced a 10 year old cedar shake […]

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