Radiant Heat Experts Continue to Innovate

invizimelt-roof-deicingRadiant heating has been in use for millennia and is constantly evolving. Early evidence indicates that floors heated by channeling smoke from fires through trenches under the stone floor were built in Asia as early as 5,000 BC. More notably, the Greeks and Romans used hypocaust systems to heat buildings with hot air channeled beneath the floor and in the walls. Continue reading

The Benefits of a Custom Radiant Heat Solution

radiant heating systemAs radiant heating has grown in popularity, the number of products to choose from has ballooned. Whether your goal is snow melting, roof deicing, or the comfort of heated floors and spaces, there are a staggering amount of products available.

Once you decide on an electric system, additional choices present themselves. Will the system be low or line voltage? Will you use mesh, mats, or free-flowing cable? How will the system be activated?

Heatizon products are sold by a select group of distributors. These trusted companies are experienced professionals and know how best to accomplish snow melting, roof deicing, floor and space heating efficiently and effectively. Our distributors are experienced in developing systems to meet specific project needs.

Heatizon offers floor warming mats, and other products that are great fits for simple DIY projects. But these one size fits all options miss out on the benefits of a tailor-made solution using our ZMesh, Tuff Cable and other premier products. Here’s a look at some of these benefits. Continue reading